Biscuits for the New Kid on the Block

Biscuiteers New Baby Biscuit Tin

Biscuiteers’ New Kid on the Block Biscuit Tin

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog I’m sure you’ll be aware of my appreciation of British, handmade and high-quality design… and sweet treats don’t go a-miss either!

So, when I received the news that a friend had had her baby I was on the look-out for a gorgeous gift to take the new parents. Of course, the baby would get a present too, but I thought the new parents deserved a treat for themselves. I turned to one of my favourites for inspiration and, as ever, I wasn’t let down.

Biscuiteers’, you beauty! I went for the ‘New Kid on the Block’ biscuit tin.

A sturdy metal box with the Biscuiteer’s charismatic-style illustrations on all sides, this one has sweet little ducks on it. It looks like the illustrations are line-drawn with a dip pen and ink. I love this style.

This tin was yellow (handy when trying to be organised and get the gift ahead of time without knowing whether it’s a boy or girl)… And I love that the box can be kept and re-used either for home-baked treats or even baby bits and bobs, for sewing needles and thread, pens and pencils, etc.

Inside were some seriously impressive iced, vanilla flavoured biscuits. A bear, a pram and a baby grow on the first layer, (these evoked lots of squeals of delight when the new parents opened the tin). There was so much detail in the icing, for example, the pram’s wheels even had spokes, the bear had eyes and a snout. So cute!

On the second layer there was a baby grow (with ‘knitted’ detail), a rattle and an ABC block. There were another two layers of yummy, perfectly crumbly biscuits after that too… Needless to say the biscuits went down a treat!

I’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up so I’m going to get the Vintage Birthday Biscuit Tin for her and ask Biscuiteers to personalise it with her name on some of the biscuits.

At £39.50 for the big tins, they’re not a cheap present, but I think if you’re buying it as a special gift from a couple or family then you can justify the cost, and the quality is second to none. As they say, you get what you pay for.